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So… my friend, “nutmegknitter”, mentions to me one night at Stitch ‘n’ Bitch that she heard about this custom yarn shop called Yarnia.  That very night, I went right to it on the net.  I of course, fell in love.

“Gold Beach”  The name is just warm and inviting, especially considering the cold and snow of late.  It was a six strand yarn, 5 bamboo, one rayon, and had all the gorgeous colors of warm sunsets and aqua seas rolled into one.  Several of the strands are variegated and multi-strand twists themselves.  Heaven for someone like me who loves silky textures and sumptuous colors.  A couple of weeks later, five cones of this complex feast for the eyes arrived on my doorstep:

So this is the new yarn in my life – colorful, silky bamboo and just oh so dreamy.  Or so I thought, until… the swatch:

Now I’m not saying I fell out of love with it.  I just cooled my jets to a more reasonable “really nice yarn”.  I worked up a swatch on U.S. 7 for the rib and U.S. 9 for the stockinette getting about 16 stitches over 4” in the stockinette section.  It is gorgeous to look at, but in swatching I noticed one problem – two of the six strands became slack while I worked the swatch which caused me to have to fuss with it pulling them in line periodically to keep the strands smooth while I worked them.  Of course the other expected problem, but never did it with this bulky a yarn, was splitting. I had to watch each and every stitch.  It is a very thick knit when made up which will be great for fall, but this was not really the joy I was seeking. 

Yarnia yarn is a great idea, but since the yarn is composed of six strands of independently spun yarn which are simply carried as one (no ply or twist added), handling is tricky.  I will of course work with it because, well… it is just really pretty and silky.  But be forewarned if you are love struck by a multi-strand yarn such as this – it may bring a little hassle as well as a lot of beauty to your knitting.