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Happy Valentine’s Day!

I had one more fun heart project to share for the holiday.  I had even more red sock yarn hanging around, so before it became a baby ball, I thought I might try one more project.

I had the idea at Christmas time actually, and set it aside for a less busy season.  I had made the Fleur de Lis Pincushion by Tammy Eigman Thompson from the Interweave Knits Holiday 2010 magazine as a gift for my Mom for Christmas.  It was cute, but as some other knitters noted, the curve of the pincushion kind of hides some of the motif you’ve so carefully stitched.  I immediately thought of a heart to replace the fleur de lis because it is more “top heavy”, if you will.  I sketched until I came up with this “Medieval Heart”.  In the end, especially seeing it stitched up, the almost curly manuscript style really reminded me of the Pre-Raphaelite silk laden ladies in castles creating keepsakes with precious scraps of finely spun yarn.  Hence the “Medieval” part.  Lil’ One had a blast providing “art house” photos for me when she discovered her new soccer ball… ahem… pincushion. 


So here is the chart.  For the pincushion I substituted starting at row 14 of the knitting chart given in the original pattern.  You could use it for fair-isle like this, filet crochet work, or cross-stitch.  Have fun with it!

For a version you can save and print easily, grab the pdf:  download now

Have a Great Valentine’s Day!