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I’ve had my nose to the grindstone this past week, mired in math, busily preparing “Lil’ One’s First Birthday Dress” and “Baby Hepburn Crop” patterns for testing.  At the same time I’ve been swatching and calculating top down geometry for a new scoopneck, and yoke neck structure for the grown up version of the “Baby Rock ‘n’ Rollneck”.  Add to that, finishing my “Sexy Cranberry” sweater, starting the “Sea Glass Oriel Lace Pullover”, stitching on my petite pointe project and masterminding a new lining for one of my older knitted cardigans.  Let’s just say, my mind is creatively nearly maxed out.

Yet, despite all this mental activity, I have one more problem solving activity on my mind that I am putting out into the “blog-o-sphere” for help with.  This is my “Duckie Sweater”. 


My Grandma (who basically taught me everything I know when it comes to knitting and stitching) made it for me when I was a wee thing like Lil’ One.  The buttons and soft yellow color gave it the “Duckie” nickname, and wouldn’t you know, the moment my daughter laid eyes on it she pointed and exclaimed “Duckie!!!”  This was followed by an insistent “On, On, On.”  So now it has a new loving little girl owner.

At the same time as re-discovering the ageless appeal of this cute cuddly cardi, I have been thinking of a way to create a memory box to display some of my Grandma’s now vintage knitting equipment along with photos and other bits and pieces.  To me, this cardigan’s stitch was sort of Grandma’s signature.  I can remember an entire olive green suit circa 1950 in this stitch as well as at least one other full size cardigan, again in this puffy little stitch pattern.  Now, I searched some stitch dictionaries and have yet to find this particular puff stitch.  So this is my SOS to knitters out there to help me find the stitch pattern. Here is a close up of the front and back of the stitch:

Anyone who can help I would appreciate it greatly.  I plan on backing all of the memory items with a square of knitted fabric in this stitch, and also re-designing the original “Duckie Sweater” for future generations to enjoy.  Now that I have my own Lil’ One, these family histories have become all the more precious!