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March is finally here, and with spring around the corner, comes spring cleaning.  I saw the first daffodil shoot peeking up through snow and leaves when I was outside with Lil’ One today, so I know it’s time to hit the accelerator and head into to a whole new year of fun. For me, spring is perhaps the real “New Year”.  It is the moment of potential when the entire cycle of life and seasons stretches before me and I feel ready to creatively grow with it for another year.  With this in mind, I recently updated my knitting design board as the first step to organizing my creative life.


The design board only has room for my knitting designs right now, but since they are my main focus, I’m ok with that.  It may seem extreme to have a whole year in process at once, but right now winter 2011 is next up in the publishing arena, while fall is being finalized, and spring and summer are hitting the market.  I am both designer and knitter so while I am madly trying to fit in making all of the spring projects I have planned, I am also focused on picking the strongest cold weather designs to get up and running for submission and writing.  Being a bit of a “mad scientist” type, I rarely do things in the order I should, so the board helps me remember what’s a priority, and if I’m taking on too much.  All in all, it is a crazy but fun ongoing process.  As my Mom would say, each idea has to “percolate” before it becomes a wearable, write-able item…  More coffee please!

My latest little milestone is a last minute addition to the spring line-up:  A Duckie Little Cardi.  After finding the mysterious “tuck stitch” that my Grandma used on my “Duckie” sweater through blog and rav. post, I was inspired to swatch and draft a new baby & toddler cardigan design.  Here is a close up of the stitch swatch, and the yarn, Spud & Cloe “Fine”, in this fun color dubbed “Glow worm” that I fell in love with. (yarn pic from Jimmy Beans Wool)  


So very spring, that green.  Hopefully by the next post I’ll have a FO or two for y’all, maybe even a free pattern. 

Until then… “Think Spring!”