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It’s been another crazy week for me, but I am happy to say I have a FREE PATTERN for you today!  As Lil’ One would say, it’s a “neck’in”.  I don’t wear jewelry much since Lil’ One came along because she pulls, begs and whines whenever she sees anything around my neck – and I won’t even mention how hard it is to explain that pierced earrings don’t pop off like Nonna’s clip ons.  Ouch!  I do, however, love jewelry.  So when it came to creating some feminine gifts for spring, I thought why not take a step away from the scarves and sweaters and whip up a little necklace instead.

“Clover lace” is my nickname for the way the bead sits between three eyelets that form a sort of clover shape in negative space.  I had noticed it at the base of the chevrons when I designed the Scarlet Sparkler Scarf, and decided to try to isolate just that little section.  I experimented and figured out how to create a stable flat narrow band of lace and beading.  It struck me as a little Edwardian or even Victorian, so I rummaged around for some scrap costume pearls to make the first pendant for the purple silk prototype.


As usual, a few changes were made to improve the design in the second necklace.  I planned ahead and attached the stone pendant I found at my local Jo-ann’s while binding off this time, and added and extension “chain” to make it more adjustable.


A really good blocking was the ticket to making the lace open up.  I used a pin in every hole along the edges, and some extras to secure the ends, tilting them outward slightly to really pull the lace pattern out.  I know many people who avoid blocking like my daughter avoids the bathtub, but I consider it just another artistic step.  I love carefully pinning and watching the lace grow and open up into its true glory. 


All in all, I am very happy with the necklaces.  I have about a million ideas for new variations – pearls and cameo pendants, crystal beads with crystal teardrop pendants – the color list is endless.  BTW – this was my first time using the DMC pearl cotton.  I loved it.  The colors are beautiful and it really made it easy to knit at such a small gauge.

So now I share my newest pattern with you:

Clover Lace Choker

Size:       As shown, the base necklace can be blocked to about 14 – 14.5 inches.  With the extension chain, as shown in the green version, it can be extended to about 16 inches.


One skein DMC “Pearl Cotton, Size 5”, shade no. 988 (used in green necklace), or about 18 yards of Halcyon Yarn’s “2/12 Gemstone Silk”, color no. 114 (used in purple necklace).

25 size 6/o glass beads in “Metallic Gold”

You may wish to have extra beads on hand if you would like to incorporate them into creating pendants as I did in the samples.

A pendant of your choice (optional)

One jewelry clasp of your choice, I used a sewn on toggle clasp in my samples.

Needles and Notions

One pair U.S. 0 (3.25mm) needles

Size B (2.25 mm) crochet hook

Size 9 (1.15 mm) lace steel crochet hook for beading

Darning needle

Visit the ravelry pattern page or click here to download the Free Pattern Now!

Have fun with it!

– CG