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As I sit here listening to the whine of the shop-vac, I am less than enthusiastic about the whole rainy spring thing.   “Noise! Noise!”, she says.

(You have our complete sympathy WifeMomKnitter !) 

Over the weekend, however, I did bring a little spring of the flowery kind into my life via my sewing machine, and improved everyone’s mood with a happy little girl who is a ray of sunshine in our lives, even when it’s pouring rain.

Last week during my jewelry shopping trip, I was held up by an aisle hog (you know – big coat, large cart, won’t even consider letting anyone else shop in “their” spot) and decided rather than become rude myself, I would take the high road and shop a while in a different spot.  Off to the fabrics and buttons.  I meandered through the fabric aisles and, “oh!” , this spring fabric just called to me from the bolt – I had to grab it.  With absolutely no idea what I would make with it, I bought a yard and a half of this “linen-look” dress fabric with a brightly embroidered floral border.  This is not the first time I have bought fabric without a plan, but this is the first time I’ve managed to find a project, and sew it up, within the week. 


You see, I had recently discovered that despite growing taller all the time, Lil’ One actually still fits in her 18 mo. size dress from last spring, and it is even still loose.  So happily, the pattern I had bought just after she was born in a previous round of impulsive, optimistic spring purchasing, would still work!  On Saturday afternoon, when I promised myself I would not “work”, I set to making my very first sewn dress in over 15 years. I was rusty, and I did make a few mistakes along the way, but by Monday evening I was finishing it up and this morning Lil’ One happily greeted it with an excited “Ooooh!” and “fow-wer” (grinning ear to ear) when I showed it to her. 


I love the dress on her, and she loved it too – wore it all day… with her sweat suit of course.  I am totally inspired. I will not let my machine sit for another 15 days, much less 15 years!  Hmmmm…….. what can I make next?

So here are the details for my

Spring Flowers Baby Dress

Pattern:  Vogue V7818

Size:  M (18-21 lbs) (my daughter is actually 27 lbs, but apparently it’s all length.)

Fabric:   “linen look”, polyester or rayon I am sure.


I took out a total of 34 inches from the skirt circumference overall to make it possible to use the border on the fabric.

I did not line the skirt or sleeves, and I “self” lined the bodice.

I used only a 1/5 inch seam for everything except the neckline and the skirt attachment to give it a little extra ease so she could wear it all summer.

I rolled the sleeve and bottom hems and machine stitched them, and top stitched the neckline.

Things I learned:

I found I could not get the armhole opening over the “free arm” on my sewing machine, so next time I will put the sleeves in before I sew up the side seams (opposite of what the instructions said.)

I don’t really care for the open gap in the skirt at the back.  It is the way this pattern was designed, but I think next time I would modify the back bodice for a zipper, or maybe just put a zipper in the skirt and set it into the bodice to work with the overlap.

Don’t skip basting instructions.  On both the setting of the sleeves and the gathering at the waistline, I should have been  a little less impatient and basted it first!

It makes an awesome zoo-keeper outfit ;)!