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Over this past weekend the clocks changed… What do you mean I have to get up now???  Despite my morning confusion, by the afternoon I gave in to a classic sort of family day.  Lil’ One got to see “Nonna”, and even a cousin or two who visited, and we were blessed with nice enough weather to get outside and play with the dogs  for the first time this year. 

Lil One was delighted to be out running around sporting her new favorite Hepburn Coat and her old favorite Baby Brat Hat.


She peeked out from her jungle gym…


and her Big Brother helped her toss the ball for the dog…


whom she chased with abandon.


It was great fun to see the kids being kids, and take time out from the workaholic life we sometimes have to just relax and appreciate why we work so hard in the first place.  Daylight savings is supposed to help us spend time with our families by extending the days – and so it was for us this past Sunday.

Have fun and enjoy the “found” daylight!

P.S.  The Hepburn Coat is one of the next patterns up for publication – my goal is to release it in April. Stay tuned!