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Tidy Mind, Tidy Stitches – How do you keep your yarn wrangling organised?

So when I saw this topic on the list several weeks ago I thought –  I should use this to motivate me to finally inventory and organize my stash.  Well, that didn’t happen!  So, today I will use this post to make public my goals and share a few smaller areas that are lovely and organized.

First, the good news:  I did organize my buttons recently.  I had buttons literally all over the place in boxes, bags and sewing kits in every corner of my house.  I found these organizers in the bead/jewelry area of my local craft store, and they work perfectly to keep them collected together, but spread out enough to find what I need.  Of course, color is the primary organizing factor, and as usual I ended up with a “warm” and a “cool” box (unplanned, but I always seem to do this).

Aren’t they pretty basking in the morning sunshine?

I am also pretty organized about my swatches.  Each time I make one it gets a full label with all of the details about the yarn, gauge, washing & any swatch notes about how I worked it.  I keep them all in a box, and I can rifle through them to find equivalents, colors and ideas for new projects anytime.  I will need a bigger box soon, but I am happy with the system so far.

So, now for the bad news:  My yarn is far, far, far from organized.  I took a headcount this morning just to see what I’m up against and found that I have a total of 309 skeins, cones or balls of yarn ranging from 2500 yards to 150 yards per item ( and I didn’t count any leftovers or partials in this).  I knew I had a lot of yarn around, but I really had no idea it was that much!!  I think I could knit a cozy to cover my house with it 😉 .  It is in several places in my home.  It is jumbled into baskets, bags and boxes.  I started to try to organize it by fiber, but then it got mixed up, and I didn’t have any system to organize it into other than large plastic bags (I have had trouble with moths so I keep everything in air-tight containment now).  So basically, I still end up running up and down stairs and piling bags on the floor when I’m looking for something.  I need a system, and I need records so I know what I have.  Ravelry seems to be the logical choice for record keeping.  I am hoping to find inspiration for a system by reading today’s posts!

Now, in front of the whole blog-o-sphere:

I promise to inventory, stash on ravelry, organize into bins, and then use or trade/sell/gift all of my current stash by this time next year. 

I also promise not to buy anything that I won’t be using immediately for a project (this may be the trickiest part of all.)  To that end, I think I’m going to put up some sort of stash busting counting tool on the blog. I hope that a similar head count next year will be under 50 items, if not less, and mostly new items with planned projects. 

Wish me luck!