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Well… We had a wonderful, relaxed Easter.  Lil One enjoyed her presents from the Easter Bunny which included a great pair of bunny ears:


Yes, those are tums in the background – we all ate way too much!  Even Lil One polished off a bowl of pasta, salad and “uno cannolo”.  (She’s learning italian words too, and doing quite well I might add.) Yum!

Of course she was all dressed up for the holiday in her Mommy’s latest creation  – a “Precious Blue Jacket” I made to go with her Spring Dress I made a while back.  With the addition of a Target steal of a deal, the wavy brim “Easter Bonnet” she was definitely ready for the Easter Parade!  Of course plastic briefcases are all the rage this season, so she toted hers proudly with her nearly all day 😉 .

A few details for the jacket:

Pattern:  “Precious” by Marie Wallin, from the book Rowan Purelife – The Organic Cotton Kids Collection. 

Yarn/Needle:  UKI Supreme 5/2 cotton, in “delft” blue, which I’ve had for about 15 years!  I used a U.S. 2 crochet hook.

Size and finishing:  I made size 3-4, but I’d say it was a 2T with my gauge which ran smaller.  I did only one 5ch loop as an edging rather than the two loops called for.  I was able then to use the loops to catch the three little buttons.  The pattern called for multiple ties, but I find she pulls them out and I end up spending all day “fixing” them when she can’t do them over again.

It was relatively quick once I got going.  It just took me a bit to get it memorized and get my hands in the swing of crocheting rows upon rows.  It came out nice and delicate in the end, and because it’s cotton, it has turned out to be very easy to wash and iron.  She got all kinds of marinara on her sleeves and front on Easter and it all came out easily with a little Shout and a quick wash.

Holidays are always tricky photographically.  I always think “we’ll get lots of pictures with everyone looking nice”, but in reality, everyone is busy cooking, serving, eating or chatting, so I really don’t get that many family photos.  Oh well!  I had hoped to share a little more “family” with everyone, but as usual the baby is the only one I managed to snap a few pics of before the festivities commenced.  Next time.

Here’s one more of Lil One, in her hat, just like her Nonna (who is rather famous for her wide-brimmed hats).  She now wears this with her sweat suit, or jeans, or whatever – after all, she wouldn’t want to go outside without a hat!


Have a great week – I have to get back out in the garden before the sun sets!