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My daughter is, in my view, inherently feminine in many ways.  She can be graceful and sweet and basically con anyone into just about anything with a flutter of those long lashes and sweet little girl pout.  As a mom, I don’t have any real agenda to “neutralize” this – I am pretty much on board with pink, and princesses, and over-the-top hair bows and pink patent leather shoes (her favorite pair right now).  I strongly believe women should celebrate femininity as part of the strength of being a woman.  At the same time, I think labels can be bad, and I like to see her explore without boundaries.   I always had a pinch of Tom Boy in me, and to this day I’m just as likely to be found in satin high heals and a pretty dress at a party, as I am to be pulling out shrubs in my grungie overalls with devil-may-care hair and dirt on my face.  So, with Lil One, I encourage her to try everything including getting good ‘n’ dirty, growling like a dinosaur, and bravely climbing and jumping any way she pleases. 

Last weekend, when I was snapping pics of my latest FO, the group of pictures reminded me of all the reasons it’s fun to be a little girl:  “Sugar & Spice and Everything Nice” with “Grrrl Attitude” and a whole lot of “Just Do It” thrown in.  Here is her Rocker Grrrl “album cover” I fixed up for her:

Her sneer seemed very punk-rock – near and dear to my heart!  She plays a mean air guitar whilst singing “wok n woollll” at the top of her lungs 🙂 . 

She’s mastered the ladder leading up to the slide…

… and loves her new trike she inherited from her big brother.

She runs with abandon after the dachsies…

… and still makes time in her busy day to stop and smell the flowers.

It’s all about discovery and exploration – and I am so glad she has such fun just being a kid. 

As a designer, I was also pretty thrilled that the latest design goal of “an easy-going, comfy play sweater” seemed to be well executed in her new “Baby Beach Stripes” sweater.  In my knitting fantasy for this one I had an image of running around on a New England beach and climbing on the rocks, so that’s how it got its name.  It was actually really satisfying to knit because while it’s “just plain knitting” as my Grandma would say, the color changes kept me awake and made it seem just a step up from a plain crew-neck sweater.  I used WEBS “house” brand cotton blend yarn Longmeadow” and it knit up soft and sporty just like I’d hoped.  Design-wise, it was not all easy-going though.  I did the neckline a total of 7 times.  For whatever reason, the knitting wasn’t coming out to match what was in my head.  I am very happy with the button tabs now, and I love the look of the smaller neckline with the easy fit created by the button-up shoulder.  The buttons were a find too – so cute, and of course Lil One squealed with glee to find “sheepies” on her sweater. 

The details are ravelled here, and I will be testing and publishing this one in the months ahead, so feel free to e-mail if you’d like to be notified when the pattern is published!