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So, just to get it right out there:

I am happy to say, I finally got it on ravelry!  It seemed like a monumental effort, I must say.  You see, two things have been going on in the background.  Firstly, I’ve been sick for two weeks solid.  Finding the energy to do anything useful has been a real challenge.  Secondly, this happened:

Lil One has officially entered the “Terrible Twos”.  So while I’ve been ill, she’s been, well… maniacal.  She’s doing all of the challenging, temper tantrum throwing, testing, and experimenting that goes along with turning two.  She’s incredibly cute one minute, then turns into a little monster the next.  HELP!  I know it is part of the whole growing up process, but I have to say, it takes all of my energy to stay calm and keep her in line some days.

That said, I still hold myself to high standards when it comes to publishing patterns, so little by little, in between sniffles and toddler meltdowns, I fine tuned the Baby Hepburn Crop Coat over the last two weeks.  I am proud to say, it’s my best pattern yet.  It’s a basic top down design, with a twist:  Big thick cuff and collar ribs knit longer and doubled over to give it a stylish, lush finish.  And as a bonus: it can also be knit up as a coordinate to “My First Princess Dress” as it uses the same yarn for the trim as specified for the dress, so you could make them up as a beautiful set! 

I always look for ways to improve in whatever I do, and writing patterns is no different.  Something that came to my attention lately is that many patterns lack some helpful information regarding the intended fit and shape of the garment.  So, for this pattern I decided to add a little “extra” to the schematic to help guide the knitter to a better understanding of the intended fit, style and ease, so they can choose the size and modifications they’d like to make more easily.  Here is an image, taken from the pattern, of the new full-page schematic with fit details along the bottom:

This is the kind of extra information that I always find useful when I buy a pattern, and I hope this provides even more value for those who purchase my patterns.  I look forward to seeing the creative variations and the beautiful little ones wearing their cozy little coats!   Happy Knitting!

A special thanks to my tester, Val, aka “Happyscraps”.  Check out her adorable Baby Hepburn on ravelry!

For a complete list of my patterns on ravelry, visit the Colourknits Ravelry Store.