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Another busy week has passed. This week included traveling to MA to visit “Gramma” and “PawPaw” for a couple of days.  We all had fun just hanging out.  Lil One discovered a new playground, and in the exceptionally cool weather for June, she actually got to wear her comfy new Baby Beach Stripes again with her new favorite “USA” baseball hat. 

How totally patriotic!

She also discovered her Mamma’s Rockin’ Horse this trip – and hollered “Yee Haw!” whilst rocking away with startling ease, balance and energy.  They really do grow so, so, so fast! 

My Grand Dad gave me this wooden beauty when I was a girl, and it still bears the commemorative brass plaque with his simple dedication:

Given to Crystal, with love, from her Grandfather, December 1980

There is something so special about things that are made and given with the idea of lasting many generations.  I hope when I am “Gramma” some day I’ll be able to see yet another little one rock away on my smooth and sturdy little, wooden, rocking horse.

Despite visions of relaxing and knitting for hours on vacation, it seems lately that I knit less when I travel.  I think I still haven’t quite mastered the toddler travel thing very well – I exhaust myself so much during the day that by “knittin’ time” I only last about a half hour before I crawl into bed.  

I did finish one thing this past week – a pair of Purple Slippers.  I have looked, and looked, and looked some more for slippers for my little princess, but alas none have been found.  I had been resistant to making them because I knew full well that they will be worn to shreds if her last pair is any example.  I guess I try to make things that are a little more like the rocking horse – heirloom quality meant to last.  But, as my SnB pals have pointed out, sometimes the wear and tear is just as much of a compliment as the oohs and awes of initial appreciation – they loved it, and they actually love to wear it!  So with that in mind, I decided to just go ahead and cave and stitch those slippers! 


I totally made it up as I went.  This time out I just enjoyed the creative process – I did not take notes, so, no, it will never be a pattern in all likelihood.  I used up the leftover Cascade “Sierra” from her Hello Kitty Rock N Rollneck, an “F” hook, and once again dipped into the seemingly endless button stash for the closure.  She cooed, and declared “Mommy made swippers!  Wear them?”   — Why of course 😉 !


(She’s wearing them in the rocking horse pics too, BTW.)  She had them dirty enough in a few days that I had to wash them.  They will be loved and well-worn, and I think I love that!

P.S. I’ll be writing and testing the Baby Beach Stripes sweater this month, so stay tuned!