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I recently finished up my “quick knit” Periwinkle Rayonnant:

 This was an impulse project.  I had fallen in love with the Spa yarn in this periwinkle color while working on the last Baby Hepburn Crop Coat, and then saw Peaceful Knitter’s Rayonnant and the two combined into this new project.  I needed a break from both the math of designing and the intensity of the Oriel Lace Pullover I am working on, and this seemed like it would to the trick.  I really didn’t need another project cast-on, but it was just so appealing to have another “plain knitting” project to turn to.   After the lace pattern neckline, it was just endless stockinette – perfect for my toddler chasing days and too-tired-to-knit-lace nights. 

I did tinker a bit with shaping and counts because my gauge was different using a dk yarn, but not so much that it felt taxing to calculate out.   I think it worked out very well.  The sleeve was generous but not huge, and the shaping kept me from feeling “lost in a box” when I wear it.  Here’s a pic of the side and sleeves where most of the mods happened:

So, here are the details:

  • Pattern:  Rayonnant, designed by Rosemary (Romi) Hill, Knit Scene Winter/Spring 2011
  • Yarn: Spa, Naturally Caron, colorway – Berry Frappe, I used 4.2 skeins.
  • Needles & gauge:  U.S. 6 and 4,   24 sts. & 30 rows in 4″ x 4″ square.
  • Mods: 
    1. Cast on 24 stitches more than called for to compensate for finer gauge yarn.  I put 12 in the front and 12 in the back.
    2. Worked to about 34 inches per gauge and then split front & back casting on 3 sts. where the cast-on sts. were called for in the joining rounds (adding a total of 12 sts. to the round). 
    3. Worked about 8 rows after joining body stitches, then did three pairs of short rows to add about 1/2″ to the front length for bust shaping. 
    4. Worked pairs of decreases about 4 stitches from underarm “seam” marker 6 times about 8 rows apart, then increase pairs 6 times using the same spacing.

Blocking was a little different because the lace was on both the front and back of the already completed sweater.  I just lined up the pins through certain points of the lace on the front and back to make it all pull out the same. 

A word on the yarn – While I love the silky feel of this yarn it had two slight down-sides.  The first is that the neckline stretched out like crazy as I wore it, so I think I may need to add elastic thread to the neck to keep it from getting silly.  It is also a no-iron yarn (the acrylic makes it so, I assume), so the minimal cuff and hem roll quite a bit and I cannot steam it with the iron to whip it into shape like I do with wool and cotton.

All that said, I love the finished sweater and I’m sure it will get lots of wear now and as we move into fall.  I’m dying to make this nice rust tweed skirt to go with it for the cooler days ahead!  Soon, maybe.

This will be the end cap to my recent “blue period”.  I noticed I’ve knit everything recently in some shade of blue it seems.  Time to move on to green I guess!  😉  Oh wait – I think I have a blue silk tank top planned!  We’ll see! 

What’s your favorite shade of knitting lately?