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For a couple of days this past week, this was the view out my window:

Hubby and I got to vacation for just about two days by ourselves for the first time in over 2 years.  Amazing!  Thanks to the grandparents (all of them!), we had a very restful time by the seaside in Rhode Island doing absolutely nothing of consequence – and it was fantastic.  I love to be by the shore, and I love boats.  This harbor was a quiet one full of many beautiful sailboats.  I particularly admired many of the pretty wooden sailboats anchored out a bit in the water.  I snapped this pretty little number at dusk:

And while we were there, the evening was cool enough to finally wear my latest lace masterpiece –

Sea Glass Oriel Lace Pullover

I love the finished sweater.  It is a Shirley Paden design, Oriel Lace Blouse, which I found in an older copy of Interweave Knits.  I have to say it was really hard to stick with it because it is not an easy-going sort of project.  I found it required lots of concentration and could not be let near pets nor toddlers on account of the gossamer weight of the lace yarn.  I worked on it in between a smattering of other more basic knits since February, and then finally buckled down to the seaming a couple of weeks ago.  Sooo worth it!  It just instantly makes me feel like a delicate ballerina in warm-up.  Where are those toe shoes?

Of all the yarns I’ve knit with, this is definitely in the top 3 or 4.  The yarn itself, Phoebe,  is soft, and luxurious on my skin, and the watercolor-like hand dyed color is just beautiful knit up.  To my mind it really did look exactly like sanded-by-time pieces of sea glass.  Kudos to Mocha’s Fiber Design!  I thought I was going to be short on yarn, so I cut in a square neck rather than the turtle neck called for in the pattern.  I struggled with the neck finishing, but I finally settled on an improvised lace edging that I felt didn’t detract from the delicacy of the overall pattern.  More pics and details here on ravelry.

Hope you’re having a great weekend.  I leave you with this colorful pic of some student sailors heading out early one morning off the dock of the local yacht club.