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My sock knitting adventure has only begun – but what a great start!  I wanted to share my progress, and a little “Mommy & Me” photo shoot Hubby did for me the other day.  I hardly ever get pictures of me and my daughter together, so when our matching socks were done, I decided it was time to change that trend.  Here we are showing off our hot pink socks before the weather cooled down this week.

And here’s a closer look:

Her Pink Princess Socks are the pattern “Emma” by Jackie Lauseng, knit in the “toddler” size with Cascade Heritage Sock Yarn, in Candy Pink.  The only modification I made was to kitchener the toes about 2 rows early because she has a baby shaped foot – wide toes, but not long.  They are snug, but she has a 7-8 toddler shoe size which I think is a bit big for her age.  If I made them again, I’d just go up to a U.S. 1 needle and follow the same numbers to make it slightly larger.  I think overall it is a great little pattern, and was a good choice for a first sock for me because I didn’t get bogged down by a fancy lace or anything while learning the basic heel-flap top-down sock.

For Mommy’s Pink Socks, I used the same yarn, and I made the lace patterned “Veil of Leaves” from the Cat Bordhi Book I was primarily learning sock knitting from.  My first full-sized sock knit, and a short row heel, and my first time wearing a hand knit sock.  Oh my gosh!  I will never be happy with commercially made socks again.  I totally understand why people love to make socks – it’s fun and you get to have luxuriously wrapped cozy feet!  I made no modifications what so ever, and they fit fine.  My only issue is that they don’t stay up very well, so I may insert a little elastic in the cuff next time. 

So, that’s how the new adventure is going.  Now I just need make a whole lot more because I can tell I’ll have these worn out by Christmas if I wear them as much as I want to!  Next up – toe-up socks, perhaps the “Milkmaid’s Stockings” from Cat Bordhi. 

I know many knitters feel the same way, and I just have to join the chorus – I Love Sock Knitting!!  I also think it was great to share with my Lil One, and so nice to be in the picture with her for a change.   Just look at our goofy, happy faces!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!