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About a week ago, we had a nice, but chilly, day and I managed to get a few pics of one of my recently finished items – The Pink Cable Cozy Coat.

Lately, she’s hit what I guess you’d call a “developmental milestone” and her imagination has just blossomed.  She invites me into her imaginary world every day and I have a blast playing with her and all her wonderful ideas.  She recently decided she’d like to be a butterfly for Halloween, and I jumped right in and I’ve got wings on order, and a trip to the fabric store in my future.  When I was talking to her about butterflies and other flying insect friends, she was explaining that bees make honey, and thought butterflies might too.  I gently suggested that butterflies didn’t usually make honey, and then asked her what she thought a butterfly might make instead.  With great confidence, she pronounced “Dental Floss!!”  So, just in cast you ever wondered, butterflies make dental floss. 😉

So, here she is in her new coat, inviting me to have a seat in her “house”:

And spinning a yarn that her Great-Grand-Daddy would be proud of:

Can’t you just see the dreams in her eyes?  I love watching her grow, and I’m grateful that the knitting projects ensure that I continue to capture these moments in my photos and posts as we move through the adventures of daily life together. 

The pattern for this one, Top-down Baby and Children Cable Yoke Jacket, was great.  I would make this again for sure.  I absolutely loved the short-row shaped cable collar.  It actually has inspired me to re-think a new design that had been kicking around my brain for a while, but I had hit a block as to the exact construction methods.  I now know how to do it, so very soon you’ll be seeing the “Sweet Scoops for Sisters” sweater on the needles.  For me, spending time working on any kind of knitting can help me bring new designs to life.  It’s a giant web of information, but sometimes, you can only see it as you ponder it while actually knitting.  The hood is absolutely adorable too.  It required a jelly bean bribe to get her stop crying and wear it up in the only marginally cool weather, but I did manage to get her to smile this once:

The yarn, Nashua Handknits “Creative Focus Chunky”, was a super fuzzy chunky single, and I did find it a bit aggravating to work with because it kept flying up into my nose and mouth while I was knitting it.  The result was worth it though, it really is a cozy and warm coat, perfect for an “outer-wear” item like this.  Of course, Lil One said it was like a pink kitty-cat.  Meow!

Have a great weekend!!