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From small things

Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading, and the evidence of this often shows up in my photographs. I love seeing what other people are knitting and reading as well. So, what are you knitting or crocheting right now? What are you reading?

This year, for the first time in many, many years, I am really looking forward to Halloween.  It is really a kid’s day, and the last two years Lil One was too little to really participate.  This year, however, she’s been chatting with me about everything from costumes and candy to crazy monsters and pumpkins.  So, my “on the needles” turned out to include a sewing project, as well as another hat, and reading… why, Halloween cats and pigs of course!!

I was a little wary of reading books about night time and monsters for the obvious reason that I didn’t want Lil One to become afraid of Halloween rather than excited about it.  In typical fashion, however, she surprised me by totally embracing the monsters in John Pig’s Halloween, by Jan Waldron with pictures by David McPhail.  She thinks they are funny, loves the vampire with whipped cream on his face, and the crazy dancing monsters with spiders on their clothes.  Go figure!  She is quite taken with Night Cat, by Margaret Beames and illustrated by Sue Hitchcock, for the reason that she just generally loves cats right now.  I liked this book too because it reminds me of the kitty cats I grew up with – wiggly legs, and moth-thumping paws.  Thank you again, Public Library!!

For her own costume choice, Lil One went quite predictably delicate and girly, ” I want to by a Ballerina Princess Butterfly!”  She stuck to it too.  I waited at least two weeks before making any plans just in case it was a momentary fascination.  But, no.  The only additional request was that it be purple, her favorite color.  No Problem.  I found fantastic butterfly wings and a wand at this lovely specialty store online, ButterflyCraze.com .  Then it was up to me to coordinate the rest.  My Mom made all sorts of fantastic costumes for us growing up, and continued sewing for us right on through our high school prom dresses.  Well, following in her footsteps, I decided to make something for Lil One, and just happened to have a small leftover from my senior year prom dress sitting in my stacks of fabric.  Nothing like a little multi-generational fabric treasure!  It was faded along the fold line, but that became a “design element” instead of a problem.  We got some elastic and sequined trim at our local sewing store, and then all I heard for the past week was “Mommy, you need to make my princess skirt!”  Well, just today, after spending a few hours yesterday dusting off the cutting table and sewing station in my studio, I finally got to sewing.  She helped me wind the bobbin, and played very nicely in my studio while I worked.  This was a great day – the first time I really worked with her with me in the studio.  Well, when it was finished, of course she had to try it on… and play outside… and go to the bookstore in it… etc. etc.  So here are a few pics of a very happy little princess today:

Checking out the pumpkin.

Doing “magic” on the flowers. 

Check it out!  I even got the specialty stitches working on my sewing machine:

Of course, I’m dying to see the whole thing together (and she dutifully reminded my that she still needed ballet shoes only moments after finishing the skirt), but that will have to wait until Monday!

Have fun this week – and if I don’t see you until then, have a Happy Halloween!