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I’ve finished quite a few things recently, so I think it’s about time I get them on the blog!  Today, I have Lil One’s new favorite sweater “Purple to Unite the Fall“.

It got its nickname because when summer was drawing to a close, I realized I could stretch the summer wardrobe, and some of the early fall purchases, if she just had a sweater to go over her favorite dresses and tees.  Well, it took about two seconds to realize that a purple sweater would match nearly everything she loved to wear.  So off to WEBS I went with several dresses in my knitting bag, and combed the inventory for the perfect shade of purple to unite her fall wardrobe.  I had several patterns in mind, but Melissa LaBarre’s Tiny Tea Leaves won the contest in my head.  Top down, roomy enough to go over things easily, and I felt it would be a nice basic for every day.  Several yarn options were in my basket at check-out, and I was about to decide on a dk weight acrylic, much to my chagrin, because it matched best, but then…. Melissa LaBarre was working the register and reminded me it called for worsted weight!  Nothing like bumping into the designer in mid-shop!  Yeah!  I had another possible yarn in worsted weight in my basket, Valley Yarns Superwash, that was just the right shade.  Washable and wool – thank you yarn gods!  So Melissa ran back and grabbed more yarn for me, helped me figure out how much I would need, and I was on my way. 

I knit this up as quick as I could as not to miss the window of opportunity with a growing toddler and changing seasons.  The pattern is very nicely written and the finished sweater fit her perfectly.  I did lengthen the sleeves for a little more utility, but otherwise I followed along as given for a size 2.  To my delight, this has become Lil One’s favorite sweater.  She loves purple, and now she wears it virtually everyday…

With her denim and new knee socks (next FO post, I promise),

to check out the new front door Mommy and Daddy installed (yeah us!),

even to ballet class.

And of course, she wore it with butterfly wings, as I posted on Halloween!

So, I’d have to say this is the most popular toddler knit to date – at least in her opinion!  For other Moms out there, I personally think the nice, basic, soft, washable wool, in a nice fuss free design is the ticket.  Of course, it didn’t hurt that it was her favorite color 😉  I think toddlers can be a bit like knitting for men, basic and comfy win the day.  I must say, I am really looking forward to making the grown up version for me, hopefully in Madelinetosh Vintage this time.