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Hi again!  I’ve been hanging out with my family and blissfully ignoring the ‘puter over the holidays.  We had a cold running through our midst, so the usual photo spree did not occur this year, but I do have a moment or two that got picked up in the middle of all the activity, festivity and sneezing. 

The Christmas holiday is one of the few times each year when I really get to spend time with my Sister.  This year was no exception, and I was grateful to be able to chat ’til midnight and catch up.  In addition, this year with Lil One so active and Big Bro just that much more “grown-up”, she also got to hang out and share her love of books, and i-pad art ;), with my kids.  That was a nice new development in our holiday traditions.  Here’s “Auntie Robin” helping Lil One draw on the i-pad sitting in the lovely glow of our Christmas afternoon sunshine. 

Earlier I got the kids to sit still for me, in the same place, and not make silly faces, just long enough to get our “greeting card” shot.  I just finished looking at last year’s photos and I can’t believe how much they’ve both grown up in just one year!  I’m so glad to have the photos, even though sometimes it’s a trick to get them, because things change so fast, and this way I get to treasure each moment.

So, it was a very nice, quiet time for us.  And as Lil One said at the end of her day, “I had a really Happy Merry Christmas!”  I hope everyone else enjoyed a fun and peaceful holiday, and all the best wishes go out for a very…

Happy New Year!