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As many people do, the New Year usually inspires me to take stock of the progress in the past year.  In this case, the knitting progress.  I checked on Ravlery, which I haven been a member of for about 2 years now, and figured out I had completed 40 projectsand published 9 new designs in 2011.  I also apparently published 277 photos on this blog, in 65 posts, according to WordPress.  Not too shabby, I think.  On my personal favorites list are the Scarlet Sparkler scarf (Madelinetosh with beads – what’s not to love!) and the Vintage Sage Hat.  They are truly items I wear constantly and could not do without.  I also note with pride that I accomplished the marathon knit “Sea Glass Oriel Lace Pullover” sweater, and mastered new skills making my very first pair of socks.  So, my 2011 knitting ended on a high note, a 20’s hot jazz one, with a couple of great vintage styled knits for my Sister:

I don’t knit for many people.  Babies are the exception, but there are basically two things that will get you a handmade item in my family.  Lots of appreciation, and well… being family!  My sister fits these requirements in spades.  She proudly wears what I make her, feeds my yarn habit with gifts and lunch dates at WEBS, and is of course, my sister ;)!  So I was creating a brand new design this year for her, but time ran short,  construction become long winded, and I knew I would need to make something else fun and colorful instead.  Enter Knitty – and Escargot, by Veronica Parsons!  This hat pattern is clever, fun and came out so cute!  I chose a couple of Knit Picks Simply Cotton colors (wool allergy), and I think they are simply smashing together. 

When I finished the hat, I had a ton of yarn left (by design) and went ahead with my plans to make matching gloves.  I created a gauntlet style fingerless glove, inventing as I went, and added eyelets on the back of each hand to “lace” them with velvet ribbon I’d found.  Of course, I failed to remember that the reason I didn’t choose to design from scratch in the first place was that it is much more time-consuming to have to write everything down as I go.  Double true for gloves because you simply can’t make just one.  So, tight on time to start, time got compressed even more when Lil One came down with a fever and cough the week before Christmas, needed my attention more than ever, and of course I did not finish them by Christmas Day.  My very understanding Sister got a box with one glove with a note that “second one is on the needles and nearly done!”  The next morning, as we ate our leisurely breakfast and chatted away, I finished the second one.  This is why family gets the knitting, because family gets how crazy my life is sometimes! 

That afternoon, we had a little “photo-shoot” and I had fun taking pictures.  No matter how old we get, we make each other laugh, and act like goofy little girls, like good sisters should.  I think this shot was the result of a “let’s plot to take over the universe” moment.  It makes me smile the most.  To me, sometimes it’s the silly pics that speak volumes about people. 

So, that’s how I ended my knitting year – knitting for my fun, fab sister, and loving the results! 

Here’s to another great year of knitting, enjoying family, photography, designing and sharing on my blog in my own quirky way!