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There’s this term, used mostly in architecture circles, called “Adaptive Reuse” where the buildings are basically re-assigned a new use, and some minor alterations are made, in order to make the best of an existing building.  Sometimes the results are incredibly fun and creative, and I’ve always admired this form of “recycling”.  I’ve decided this principle can apply to knitted creations too.  You see, I have this old “design original” which I had decided didn’t really make the cut as the elegant cowl it was meant to be.  I loved the Malabrigo Angora, and it is indeed warm, but on the whole it just never really hit me as “successful”.  As a cowl, it was awkward to wear, not my best color, and a little fuzzy for the lip gloss.  Well, sometimes a new use can bring new life to an old knit.  Check out Lil One in her “Cape”. 

Some thing about the fuzzy angora and the way the knit work spreads so nicely across her little shoulders to show off the pattern beautifully, makes it now totally successful… as a toddler cape!  I am happy it’s found a new use.  I actually think I might even work it up as an official toddler pattern.  Hmmm.  It does hit just right on her, don’t you think?

She’s pretty happy about it too, or maybe it was just the blessing of a warm day in January.

So, have you had any “adaptive reuse” sucess stories lately?