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A few days back we had a lovely warm day and this is how ridiculously happy Lil One was to be able to play outside:

I wish I had a recording of her little girl laughing and squealing, it was just so funny to see all that energy come out at once.  She got to chase the dogs, and play on her swing set all afternoon.  That’s Hans, who will be 15 years old this month.  He does really well keeping up with her for a little old man 😉 !

She plays with enthusiasm, and she’s all girl when it comes to her wardrobe.  She loves her dresses, and I am pleasantly surprised, she loves her little knitted accessories.  This past week I added one more to the list of “must-haves” for playing outside in a dress –Lil Button Top Leg Warmers.

I designed them to match her favorite hat, which is currently the Brattleboro Hat I made for myself, but she adopted from day one as her own.  They worked up quickly in worsted weight Inca Gold from Berroco on US 4 and 6 needles, and the button top rib section makes them just a little playful and vintage, IMHO.  Of course anything on a chubby little toddler leg seems adorable, don’t you think?

So, it was a great day, and I was very happy that she liked her new little accessory as much as I did.  I was so happy with them in fact, that now I’m going to make myself some just like them in black.  Stay tuned – if the sizing works out this may become another new pattern!    Here’s her whole ensemble – Brattleboro Hat, Purple Sweater, her favorite flowered dress, and her new Leg Warmers:

Now of course, it is getting cold again, so we’ll have to bundle up a little more.  Mittens up next!  Oh well, only a couple of months to go before spring!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!