When I got back from a lovely little get away with my hubby this past weekend, this lovely package was waiting for me:

This is Three Irish Girls “McClellan Fingering” in an exclusive colorway called “Salmon” carried by a lovely, helpful shop in Cordova, Alaska called The Net Loft.  I love the color, and the yarn (merino-bamboo blend) has a gorgeous sheen in person.  I have had to be careful about purchasing yarn for both budget and space reasons, but I’m on a new “yarn diet” which is helping to organize things.  I decided to knit at least 6 projects from my stash before purchasing anything new.  Well, this is my first “reward” purchase.  I still have a couple of stash things to finish, but who wants to wait for yarn to arrive, right?  I was very happy with this addition to my stash, and caressed and examined it and left it out to be photographed for my ravelry stash records.  Well, someone else it seems, is equally inclined to swoon over new yarn.

First she admired it,

Then weighed it for quality,

Then it got the cheek and sniff test,

And was declared “Goood!”

She then promptly decided to cradle it in her arms and take it back to her crib. 

“Mommy needs it back?”  And I quote: “But I want to knit!  Go get me needles so I can knit it!”

Another yarn lover is created.  Nature or Nurture?