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I do really like that song 😉 .  I recently finished up a new favorite-to-wear knit in a very a-typical color:   the “Back in Black” button-top leg warmers for me.  You see, my daughter and I basically always have wardrobe envy – I make something for me, she wants to borrow it, I make something for her, I think “How cute would that be in my size!”.  Well this time, I did it.  I made a “grown-up” version of her Lil Button-Top Leg Warmers.  I am in love with them, even if I do say so myself!

What I love the most is that they blend into my shoes and tights to make it seem like I just have really cool boots on.  They are lovely and warm in the Knit Picks “Gloss DK” Silk-Wool blend I used,  and of course that makes them awesome for fall right on through spring when the short skirt may leave too much out in the cold.

The idea to make them longer and black actually came from my new favorite online hang-out, Pinterest!  The capezio leg warmers I saw there were a nice 27″ length, so I went for it.  Black was actually a big leap for me.  As anyone who may have followed the blog or my ravelry projects knows, I almost always use saturated, rich colors.  The black was predictably a little tricky to see in my “movie theater” basement knitting spot, but so worth it!  I confess, neutrals are important in the wardrobe, even if knitting with them can seem less than fascinating at times.  Of course, now I am thinking I need some nice red ones, and a lovely red t-strap mary jane heel to go with ’em!  I apologize for the dim lighting, and hunched pose, but here’s one last candid pic of the whole “look”, when Lil Princess and I were hanging out the other day.

I’ll be writing up this pattern very soon for a full range (baby to women’s) of sizes.  Have a great week everyone!