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Finished up my Sunny Lil Socks!  They are bright and yellow and make me feel very cheerful indeed while puttering around the house opening windows to let the fresh spring air in.

They are a fun little toe-up anklets pattern from the e-mag “Sockupied” that I bought a while back.  The pattern is called “Sweet Maize Anklets” by Kristen Kapur.  It was very nicely written and the socks were done in just about a week!  Now that’s what I call a quick and satisfying knit.  I especially liked the little leaves that frame the central panel.  I can see them appearing in future projects, socks or otherwise.

The yarn is discontinued and I picked it up in the discount bins at the Dirty Water Dyeworks booth at the 2011 CT Sheep & Wool Festival.  It was a typical merino sock yarn, I worked it on a US 2 needle, and used the larger size pattern which gave me 66 stitches around the foot.  I had calculated 64 would be perfect, but in retrospect I think I could have gone to a smaller needle or a smaller size.   I had figured on my stockinette gauge, so the lace work must have opened up more.  Consequently, they are a little loose.  I think they’ll be great for around the house, which is kinda what I intended, but in shoes they feel a little baggy.

This was actually my first short-row heel, and it seemed very easy to work.  I didn’t realize that what I have done before involving short-rows in the working of the heel wasn’t really the “short-row heel” that most people refer to.  It did create the line of holes that I had heard about, but in this case it looked right with the pattern, and they are sort of summery looking, so it all felt in tune.  I do think for winter, better wear and closer fitting styles, I would prefer one of the other heel types I’ve learned.

The name of the pattern inspired the yarn-pattern pairing and as I was knitting along, the little purl sections reminded my of a nice ear of “butter ‘n’ sugar” corn.  I can’t wait for summer!

Putter, putter, putter – smile, it’s spring!