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So, allergies turned into a cold and I am again writing and sniffling.  Spring has come out in full bloom for us here in the Northeast, and the little wild violets have been popping up everywhere, poking shy little flowers out from the base of my oak tree, and all over the lawn.  When I was a little girl I used to make my Mom help me transplant the wild violets from the areas that needed weeding to one little section of the garden just for them.  Wow, Mom – you were so patient with me!

In the spirit of spring revival, I also decided to update the look of my blog!  In my excitement I just “posted” when I meant to “preview”!  Ooops!  Ignore that first one, there’s more to share.

So while the flowers agreed to sit still for their “close-up”, my own little shy violet has mostly been doing this when the camera comes out:

I was spoiled up until now with an extremely cooperative little model.  She has finally become the little “Diva” I knew she would be, and only wants to be photographed when she wants to be photographed.  My one way out is to get her talking, telling a story (it’s genetic), and then the hands come down and the bright eyes return!

Lil One is wearing the little spring dress I made her a couple of weeks ago.  It was a pretty quick project, although it reminded me that smaller is not always easier to make.  Easing in the sleeves was a pain in the a**, and then pressing the sleeves made me really wish I had a functional sleeve arm.  I think my next sewing project might need to be recovering and repairing my pressing tools!  The pattern is Butterick 4176, and I made it up in a purple printed 100% cotton fabric she found in the quilting area of my local Joann Fabrics.  The pattern was a little light on the techniques explanation, so because I am a little rusty, I had to check a few things online, but I got through it.

In another power play she also refused to wear this in spite of being all excited about the wip.  She seems to have settled into it now for “casual day wear”, but still prefers her big, poofy, fancy dresses that Nonna got her for Easter.  I truly have a Princess on my hands!  Any tips from the Queens out there?  We are still the rulers of the land, aren’t we?

Have a great week everyone!