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Joining in for the “Yarn Along” over at small things:

So, appropriately propped with tissues, this is what’s been hanging out on my end table while I sniff and check Lil One’s temperature for the umpteenth time.  The reading is about the same – Special Topics in Calamity Physics has only been progressing at a page or two a night on account of the terrible cold I’ve had.  I have weakly plopped down in front of the computer to check on a few blogs and pins before I completely give in to TV time and my crochet project.

The crochet is actually going well now, but slowly.  It is just the right level of distraction to keep me from coughing all through our favorite shows.  (Monday night we had an unusual night of three good ones – Bones, Eureka and Castle!  Woo-hoo!)  It did not start too well, but I pressed on, despite having to start the whole thing twice to get the right fit, and making un-ignorable mistakes causing many rip and repeat rows while I was sickest.  I am still not entirely convinced this is the correct size, but I am going to cross my fingers and finish it in this size.  The pattern is the cover tee, Petal Pullover by Robyn Chachula, from the Interweave Crochet Spring 2011 issue, and I love it so far.  I am making it with stash yarn (sticking to my plan!) that I got on a close out sale at WEBS a while back.  It’s Bristol Yarn Gallery Lyndon Hill, a fingering weight cotton-silk blend that I am finding perfectly matched to the warm weather we’ve been having this week.  It makes the crochet a little more supple.  Crochet has always been a little less appealing to me for sweaters because it generally doesn’t drape as easily as knit work, but this yarn/hook combo seems to be creating a really soft elegant spring sweater.

So what are you reading and stitching this Spring?