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Joining in for the “Yarn Along” over at small things:

Meet “My Double”:

My wonderful Hubby recently got me this great little dress form as an early birthday present.  Thank you Honey!

It’s the Dritz “My Double” and so far it is working out great.  It is adjustable and light weight and I’ve been using it to mock-up things I’m working on, like my “on the needles” this week!  The top is the Petal Pullover I’ve been struggling with.  On the sage advice/reminder of my fellow Stitch ‘n’ Bitch knitter, I finally got my act together and blocked the swatch, and then the entire bodice, to figure out how the garment would actually fit.  (All this after ripping out the way too small bottom “rib” section.)  I finally am happy that it will fit.  The lace predictably grew quite a bit and my first instinct was correct: I needed to work the 34″ directions to make it 36″ to fit me.  I just needed to adjust the stitches a little for the bottom band to correct for my tight single crochet.  I’m glad that the cold I caught didn’t entirely undermine my math abilities!

Also on “my double” is some stash fabric that I’ve had forever, from my Granny’s stash, that I am considering for my next sewing project:  The “Naughty Secretary Skirt”  It’s part of the Craftsy Class I just signed up for based partially on the book Sew Everything by Diana Rupp.  Which brings me to the reading list.  I am impatiently awaiting my copy of said book along with my copy of The Principles of Knitting by June Hemmons Hiatt which I ordered after reading this great review over at the Stash blog.

So, what are you stitching and reading this week?