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Oh what a wonderful weekend!  The Mommy and the Textile Artist in me had a fabulous weekend with Lil One and some very cute bunnies at this year’s Connecticut Sheep and Wool Festival last Saturday.  The yarn was gorgeous as usual, and I did have to break my “knit 6 stash, buy 7th“rule of stash busting to snatch up some delicious periwinkle blue “BB Toes” sock yarn and even a mini skein of bubble gum pink sock yarn for my Memory Quilt I’m working on.  Both are from Tucker Woods Artisan Yarns & Fibers (formerly Mocha’s Fiber Café) and while I was at the booth I ordered enough of the sumptuous “Kismet” (Silk-Merino) to make a nice little Lace Saddle Tee for me in a new colorway “Irish Hillsides” she’s created.  She has some of the best colors out there, IMHO.  I also stopped by my favorite button vendor, Dusty’s Vintage Buttons, and as usual I had to be really be careful not to spend all my money on buttons.  They are like candies for a designer like me, and I got quite an assortment for both planned projects and “just because” reasons.

Of course the real highlight of the day was seeing my Lil One holding a baby Angora Rabbit.  I can’t share pictures because I didn’t want to entirely let go of the bunny while she was cuddling him – but the look on her face was absolutely precious!  Those are the heart melting moments when you wish they could be little and innocent forever!  Here she is meeting the grown up bunnies for sale at the show:

That reminds me, she’s wearing a recently finished sweater I knit up in the appropriately named “Baby Bunny” by Plymouth Yarn.  The yarn does in fact contain angora, and a good dose of cotton as well.  I loved working it aside from the occasional bunny hair up my nose, and the finished fabric is wonderful!  The pattern is the All Seasons Cardy by Kelly Brooker and it was a nice simple top down knit.  I did modify it slightly by adding about 2 inches worth of stitches when I transitioned to the “skirt” area of the cardigan to allow it to hang a little straighter in front, even when she’s wearing her favorite puffy dresses.  I have a pet peeve about sweaters that seem to sneak back at the hip, even on little toddlers.  The lace pattern has quite a bias to it too, so blocking was critical to get it to look symmetrical when it is worn.  All in all it was a good little pattern, just had to do my usual tweaking to make the fit perfect to my eye.  Here’s another pic from a rainy day like we’re having today, while she was wishing it would be sunny again:

Hope your having a great week out there!