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Joining in for the “Yarn Along” over at small things:

Well, it seems the rain has brought out the green everywhere – including my knitting and reading!

In addition to my near obsession with creating clothing, knitted and otherwise, I actually am pretty passionate about some other hobbies too.  They’ve been “back burnered” because my Lil One has needed a lot of attention for these first three years.  I am happy to have been a “stay at home Mom” with her, but she is getting more independent, and I am slowly trying to pull in some of my “before baby” activities bit by bit.  Gardening and cooking are two of those things that I used to be almost as versed in as knitting.  Nearly the whole house had a birthday in the past month, reminding me of how time can fly.  Getting back to some of these other creative pursuits not only helps me feel less like I’m on “hold”, and at the same time I am really excited about sharing with my daughter the passion for enjoying life with all the senses, and the rewards of growing and making things yourself.

On the reading list, then, is my favorite overall gardening guidebook The Garden Primer, by Barbara Damrosch.  This is the most complete book I’ve found for gardening how-to information.  It’s not a pretty book, but absolutely everything you need to know to grow veggies and other lovely plants is in here.  My second all-time favorite gardening book is The Well-Designed Mixed Garden, by Tracy DiSabato-Aust.  This one covers everything you need to know about the artistic side of the garden – the foliage laden and florally abundant “mixed border”.  Gorgeous pictures are complemented by useful information about perennials, annuals, color theory and season of bloom.  If you want a lush flower garden, this is a must read.  Ok, I know I sound like an ad, but really these books are pivotal for the home gardener.

The cookbook is Spring in Sicily, by Manuela Darling-Gansser , and I just randomly grabbed it out of the new book selections at my local library.  It looks lovely, but I’ll have to get back to y’all with the final test – making a recipe or two!

As for knitting, I am working on my second version of “Sorella Robina”, a new ladies pullover pattern I’m developing.  This one, as the name suggests, is for my lovely sister, and will hopefully be a refinement both in the finished knit and my understanding of sizing this unusual construction.  My Orchid Robina was the original version of this sweater:

This one was for me, and I was able to try it on, so it was a little easier to “knit by feel”.  This new one for my sister will require me to really understand the geometry and math to make sure the work translates over all sizes.  Good thing I like a challenge!

Happy Knitting and Reading!