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Joining in for the “Yarn Along” over at small things:

Despite returning from last week’s library trip with a stack of books numbering in the 20’s, I have ended up reading from one that I own.  Oh well, at least I have enthusiasm, if not time!  Sew Everything Workshop, by Diana Rupp, is the companion book to my Craftsy Class called Sewing Studio.  When I first saw that there was a book containing the projects in the class I was a little worried that the class would end up just being a “reading” of the book.  But so far, it seems a little different when I watch the class lessons, and it seems like she goes a bit further in skill and detail on the projects.  Hopefully I’ll be able to share some sewing FO soon!

I am continuing on in my leaf edged “Sorella Robina V2” and I am just at joining the front and back.  Just one more tricky set of calcs. to shape the front, and I’ll be on to “plain ol’ knittin’ ” for a while.  This is why knitters buy patterns – because someone else has done all the math for you!  In any case, I am even more pleased with this version than the first, and I can’t wait to see her, mia Sorella 😉 , try it on!

In the meantime, I was struck by this crazy urge to make a “novelty” item that sort of presented itself as I embarked on my Summer-long project of re-organizing my studio.  I don’t really collect anything.  Mostly I try to only have things that are useful, and I don’t have much that really qualifies as a pure “memento”.  Strangely, I did have this large pair of shells in my studio that I kept purely as a reminder of our first family vacation when I got to explore my favorite beach from my own childhood with my Step Son.  We found these nice big shells on one of our beach strolls and I’ve hung on to them just “because” for quite a few years now.  Well, the other day, I decided it was time to make them part of the useful world of my studio, and keep the memory from getting lost in a box or bin of “stuff”.  Inspired by a little hexipuff I stuck in it to hold a few needles the other day, I decided that adding a pin cushion to my studio would be just the ticket.  Here’s what I ended up making:

I used leftover “Salmon” sock yarn from Three Irish Girls, and a random grey pearl bead I had in a box of costume beads.  It is basically a smaller, shorter version of the heart pin cushion I made, but I think I worked an extra section because it didn’t come out quite the same.  With a vintage linen tablecloth and a few wooden spools of thread, it looks like something my sea loving Newfie Grandma would have used.  I love it, and now it is my special pin cushion for my Grandma’s special pearl pins.  This little item is now packed with memories to inspire a smile, and remember when…