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Aside from knitting and other yarn and fabric pursuits, I also love taking photos.  My garden…

…and my daughter…

are two of my favorite subjects.  As you can see, Lil One has been picking up the habit of picture-taking – if only her camera really worked!  A camera just for her is definitely on my list of Christmas gifts this year!

The garden provides inspiration in so many ways.  It helps me slow down, and appreciate life in its most basic organic form.  Now that I’m a Mom, it’s become even more precious as a place to learn about so many things.  From big concepts like “the web of life” connecting each plant and insect to us, to the small little wonders like the stunning colors of the flowers or the delicate wings of the bee.  Lil One and I spend a lot of time just observing and talking about all the things she finds.  Here are a few of the details I’ve caught with my camera lately:

We’ve invited the birds into our yard this year with a new bird feeder right outside our living room window.  We’ve attracted some funny looking birds though! 😉

Of course, Lil One was delighted to be able to see such a cute little chipmunk up so close. 🙂  The birds did eventually get the memo and now we enjoy a daily parade of sparrows stopping in for a snack.  Of course, not every day in the garden is sunny and fine, but Lil One has even learned to rejoice in the rain:

“It makes me happy because the flowers are so happy!”  You see, she’s already understanding that all aspects of nature or there for a good reason, even a rainy day.

Hope you had a lovely weekend wherever you are, Rain or Shine!