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Joining in for the “Yarn Along” over at small things:

Lil One and I had a really great time playing in the pool today with my friend Nutmegknitter and her kids.  After the “party” wound down, Lil One was perfectly tired.  If you’re a Mom, you know what I mean.  Not cranky, not “OT”, just content to sit still and relax, and truly leave us alone for a while.  This is a rarity, I find.  I got to look through some bills, e-mails and most importantly my library books, for a bit this afternoon.  Yeah!

Our garden is a favorite hang out, and today after a little rest all round, Lil One and I headed out to the tomato plants to check out the glow of our first ripening fruits.

She also decided to investigate the pile of knitting and reading assembled for my photo-op, and then: “Look Mom, I made a hat!”

The knitting reads included Feminine Knits, 22 Timeless Designs by Lene Samsoe, and Kim Hargreaves’ Vintage Designs to Knit: 25 Timeless Patterns for Women and Men from the Rowan Collection.  Appealing titles and cover shots encouraged me to check them out, but kinda like an album you bought because of “that song”, the overall content did not deliver.  As for vintage knits, the cover sweater is cute, and the photo really nicely styled with a great dress and brooch to add interest.  That was it, though.  Everything else was “…if you changed the length and altered the shape here, and used a different yarn…. oh, never mind!”

Moving on to Feminine Knits, I had better luck.  There were a few shapes and ideas I could see making, but again, out of the whole book there was only the “Chevron Tank” that I could really see making.  This pattern would be a really nice stash buster if I could use my dk weight silk.  Hmm.  I am looking for a nice summer knit for next week.

Along with the knitting books, I’m also fitting in a quick story here and there from a book pinched from my Hubby’s recently called “Best Little Stories from the White House“, by C. Kelly.  It’s a fun collection, not too serious, and because they are short “vignettes” I can actually read it during the day for a quick time out.

I’ve been going great guns on my knitting this past week too.  Despite the fuzzy alpaca yarn, I’ve taken it everywhere, and I think I’m only a few days away from finishing my “Red Revival” Sweater.  (Yes, I’m that crazy knitter sitting in full sun, knitting a fuzzy red sweater at the playground in 85 degree weather.  I was made to live in a warm climate!)  It is the “Buttercup” pattern by Heidi Kirrmaier, but I’m doing a long sleeve version in order to really bust my stash of tomato red, circa 1992 yarn that I’m using!

Have a great week everyone!