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This past Friday the “girls” in the family met for a little outing at this beautiful little corner of CT.

This is Roseland Cottage, in Woodstock, CT.  Built it 1846 in the fabulous Gothic Revival style, it was a real treat for me to see all the details in person.

As part of the preservation of this landmark by the SPNEA, we of course weren’t allowed to take any pictures inside, but it was fascinating and beautiful as well.  I found out something new about the elaborate textured wall coverings.  The linseed oil and wood pulp wall coverings were painted with metallic flake paints back in the 1800’s and were in fact bright reflective gold or silver color, not the dingy dark walls we see today.  The metal in the paints used actually oxidized over time, so the shiny “gilded age” look now seems dark and haunted.  What I learned is that the gothic revival interior rooms for entertaining and impressing the guests would have been more akin to a Las Vegas style than a Medieval Cathedral.  Really cool.

After our little tour of that beauty, we moved on to a wonderful Tea Shop for lunch: Mrs. Bridges Pantry.

In addition to wonderful (iced) tea, we dined on delicious classic british treats like a cornish pastie and lemon-ginger scones with homemade strawberry jam and devonshire cream. Yum!!  I would highly recommend this little place for lunch if you’re ever in the area.  It was so good I’d almost take the long drive just to meet my Mum and Sis for tea there again!  Of course, that was one of the best parts – spending a little time at leisure with the “ladies” of my very small side of the family.  Just my Mom, my Sister and of course Lil One.  It did feel like my Grandma’s spirit was there too, on account of all that british culture around us.  (She was born as a British-Canadian in Newfoundland.)  Here’s a pic of Lil One with her Auntie:

And of course, I’m sure you noticed that Lil One is sporting a lovely, and very English, new hat!  They had a wonderful gift shop at Mrs. Bridges Pantry as well, and Lil One just couldn’t leave without a flower covered hat for her growing collection of elegant hats.  Maybe she’ll become a hat designer some day… Cappelli Guistinello?  That would be her Nonna’s influence!

She’s every inch a little lady, and we all had a grand summer’s afternoon exploring architecture, tea and having fun with family.