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I’ve been meaning to share a finished item for some weeks now, but it always seems too hot to take photos of the lovely warm wooly things I’ve made.  As usual, my daughter came to my rescue by spontaneously deciding that leg warmers were entirely appropriate on a warm summer’s day – for dancing, of course!

She positively begged to wear her Purple FLower Button Top Leg Warmers last week, and I caved, despite my “mommy voice” telling me she’d suffer heat stroke wearing them.  She got them on herself, pulled them all the way up those long legs, and proceeded to dance around the garden for me.  She really looked the part – knit shorts and tank, hair tied back, and ballet flats (Hello Kitty of course).  She did her best arabesque, and then strutted like a little modern dancer my dance teachers would be proud of, and even sang me a few operatic Disney songs!

I love that she loves to dance.  It was my own passion for years, but I have tried not to push her into it.  Instead, I’ve just let her find her own groove, and she just seems to love to move to music.  I guess it really can be genetic.  I am happy she’s happy wearing her dancer’s leg wear while she’s at it.  Of course, earlier in the year, she also thought they were awesome superhero gear.  That’s cool too!

In any case, this project was an expansion on my Button Top Leg Warmer design.  For this version I used up some more stash yarn (yeah!) and just made them a little longer than the green version to get that scrunched look that I love.  I really like making these, they are fun to knit, if I do say so myself.  I am still planning on publishing a pattern for all sizes, but it may have to wait for school to start.  Lil One is very active, and the days are just flying by this summer.

She’s my “Tiny Dancer”, with poise, charisma, and a generous superhero attitude!