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I’m back…. from vacation!  We took a little time out last week to spend time in lovely Rhode Island by the sea.  The view out my door was delightful:

That seagull actually spent almost a whole day on my deck enjoying a little crab he’d caught.  He napped and stretched and strutted back and forth while we came and went.  He gave me his best “eagle” look for his close-up.

For most of each morning I sat in the sun and worked on a little knitting…

… and enjoyed a peaceful view of the sea, sky and quiet little harbor full of sail boats.

Now, our vacation was planned as a “just the two of us” get-away week, but alas, come Tuesday we were motoring on over to Grandma & Grand Daddy’s to retrieve the Lil One.  She had fun on her vacation too, but she was just too homesick by Monday evening and wouldn’t accept any more excuses.  She is just a little too young still to be left for a whole week.  Oh well!  When she joined us it was fun in a different way.  She is pretty enthusiastic about all kinds of things.  We were walking distance to the “downtown” where we stayed and she cheerfully insisted that we walk to find our restaurant or catch the ferry.  “It’s faster!”, she said. 😉

Of course, it wasn’t, but it did let us all see the boats and enjoy the lovely weather we had pretty much all week.  Ocean breeze is the best air conditioning!  Next time we all want to take a ride on these wonderful sailboats you can take a tour on:

We did catch the ferry, which Lil One loved…

… and visited Newport one afternoon to see one of the famous Mansions.  We chose Rosecliff, and for 3, she did very well.

She was very impressed with the open ocean off the back wall, but got a little skittish when Daddy propped her up for a photo.  He managed to tickle away her worries!

Here’s one more Daddy-Daughter pic. (She wouldn’t smile while I was with her – payback for leaving her with Grandma?)

I had a great time with my Sweetheart, and Lil One too, on my Seaside Holiday.

Hope everyone is enjoying a relaxing summer!