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So, how has everyone been out there?  I had some lovely vacation time in Florida visiting family, then came back to the late August back-to-school rush, and now I’m finally catchin’ up and – Oh My!  It’s almost September!!!

So, the first thing I am super excited to share is that I’m teaching “Crochet 101” at Knit New Haven on September 22nd!  I am really happy to be able to share the crochet love, and Knit New Haven’s excellent selection of yarns with all my fellow nutmeg crafters.  I finished up a class project sample yesterday and it will be at the shop throughout the month if you’d like to see it in person, and sign up for the class!  All of the details are over at KnitNewHaven.com.  Here is a pic of me in the “Cory Cat Cowl“:

I decided to go with the mobius form to add just a little “twist” to the usual beginner project scarf.  I love cowls because they stay put when wrapped up and keep me nice and warm.  The mobius design means once you get this project off the ground you are working a continuous edge, so no turns or joins – just keep on stitchin’.

In addition, the lovely hand-dyed Qolla yarn from Misti Alpaca is blended beautifully by the stitch pattern, and really draped nicely when finished.  The colorway is called “Evita”, but I nicknamed my project “Cory Cat” after my sweet little Corydorus Catfish who looks just like this!  This version was done in 3-4 hours, and used all of my skein of worsted weight yarn (218 yards).  If you are a beginner, once you get going, you will easily get the satisfaction of reaching the end pretty quickly.  If you are experienced with the hook, I would highly recommend this as a last-minute gift item.  It can really seem sophisticated and shine with hand dyed yarns, and yet it can literally be done in a jiffy!  I think I might crank out a few for gifts this year myself.

This is actually the second crochet mobius I’ve made.  The first one was my “Monet Cowl” which helped me stash bust my Malabrigo Silky Merino that was languishing on my shelf.  I used a smaller hook, and it is a touch shorter overall.  The silk content really made it drape nicely, and it feels light and elegant on.  I think this DK version is better for spring though.

In any case, it’s a flexible fun idea, and I look forward to sharing this with my upcoming class!