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Coming up for air, I am.  I’ve been busy, busy, sick and busy.  It feels like I blinked and an entire month got away from me.  The good news is, some of that business has been working hard on new designs!  They are all still super secret until the companies are ready to release the pattern or product, but I promise to unveil them very soon.  I also had a fantastic time teaching “Crochet 101” at Knit New Haven, and I’ll be back there again in October for “Learn to Knit“!  I love sharing the love of knitting and crochet with new crafters!

In the meantime, the start of school has meant the full round of fall colds traveling through every member of my house twice now.  I am happy to report that I think round two is drawing to a close, and I am praying that we all retain our healthy status for at least a few weeks!  In times like these, when it seems like life is flying by and it’s just task after task to get done, I think it is still important to hit the pause button now and then and appreciate what you have.  Well, in the midst of work and mother duties, on a fine day, when everyone was momentarily healthy at the same time, I did manage to snap a few pics of a pair of socks I knit up last spring.

They are my first pair of knee socks!  Of course, at this point they don’t feel really new, but I do love them.  They are my “Alaskan Salmon Socks” knit up in Three Irish Girls McClellan (sooo soft!) in the Salmon colorway exclusive to The Net Loft in Cordova, Alaska.  I’ll say it again, they are the nicest bunch over there at The Net Loft, and I found shopping with them a joy!  I would call them first for Three Irish Girls yarn, even though they are about as far from me as you can get!  The pattern is Barb Brown’s “Czarina’a Lace” from her excellent book Knitting Knee Highs: Sock Styles from Class to Contemporary.  One thing I really loved about this pattern is because it is lace, and because the leg is shaped with decreases every so often, pooling was not a problem.  The yarn was blended beautifully.  I did have to add a little elastic around the top to keep them in place, and a little length (one repeat of lace) to fit my rather long legs.  I can’t wait for more cool weather so I have an excuse to wear them!

Of course, Lil One can’t stay away from me, or a camera for that matter, for long, so she invited herself into the photo shoot.  “Can I be a model too?”

As I said, sometimes the affection and appreciation has to take priority over working.  I love to just hang out with her and laugh and play.  I wish I had nothing else to do sometimes.  One of her favorite songs is Laurie Berkner’s “Under A Shady Tree”, and that afternoon I was happy to indulge in a little snuggle and giggle under our very own “shady tree”.

I treasure these moments, because when it gets busy, I know how quickly the time flies, and in a blink she’ll be grown.  Have a great week!  See you soon, I hope! 😉