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Joining in for the “Yarn Along” over at small things:

And this week, I’m excited to rejoin the Yarn Along with some Gothic Classics and intensely glowing knits!

Knitting has been moving quickly lately.  I just finished my “Autumn Glow” hat…

… and loved it so much I went right on to making finger-less gloves (WIP in the 1st pic.) incorporating the leaf motif from the hat.  It’s another phase I guess – “the leaf period”.  This lovely glowing yellow-orange reminds me of the sugar maple in my backyard on a sunny fall day just radiating color.  Thank you Nutmeg Knitter!  This set also inspired me to finish the trellis knotted fringe on a scarf I wove almost 20 years ago.  See, there’s a reason I keep everything.  You never know when something will finally “click” and become new again!

I’ll be teaching again at Knit New Haven for the next two weekends, so the fluffy thick Malabrigo “Rasta” yarn in the picture is for the hat I’ll be starting to help teach the “My First Hat” class.  The yarn is scrumptious and I can’t wait to introduce the students to knitting in the round!  The colorway is Indecita and I think it will be highlighted beautifully in a nice, simple, stockinette hat.

Halloween is almost here and it inspired me to find my favorite Gothic Literature including a few nice volumes which reside with my antique book collection.  They are not themselves antique, but they are very nicely made volumes that fit in quite well.  I am also trying to find my favorite Gothic style, with a feminine twist, author Angela Carter.  I want to re-read her wonderful re-working of some of the Gothic classics like Blue Beard.  In any case, who can resist a little “Fall of the House of Usher” or “The Yellow Wallpaper” around this time of year.

Speaking of gothic, check out my little drama star’s reaction to the fact she cannot wear her mermaid Halloween costume today:

Oh, the tragedy!  Momma is sooo mean!  Well, fortunately Momma got back-up costume bits, so moments later, with a novelty yarn scarf for a tail, she was meowing away for me!

Whew!  I wouldn’t have wanted to have a gump-o-potomus on my hands.  I hope everyone has a great week!

P.S. Yes, I know it’s Thursday Morning.  Somehow this was all written yesterday, then I got interrupted, then all of a sudden it was the middle of the night!  C’est la vie!