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Joining in for the “Yarn Along” over at small things:

So, I totally spaced on taking a good picture of my WIP and reading today.  I figured I’d use a little “fall fun in knit wear” in lieu of knitting photo this week.

As I was hopping around the internet while looking for the Cat Bordhi you-tube video demonstrating the Moebius Cast On for knitting my Wombat Tunic (aka Harmonia’s Rings Tunic), I decided to stop in Cat’s own website to see what goodies might be there.  Well, I stumbled upon a little treasure in the reading department quite unexpectedly.  She has in her pattern pages a “Knitting in Schools” Cirriculum that summarizes her experience teaching knitting and textile arts in her humanities classes, and how that became a formal curriculum teaching a wide variety of subjects through the discovery and practice of making yarn (spinning) and knitting!  It was so nice to see someone really fully explain how the study of making string and making things with string, can become a study of anthropology, history, group dynamics, invention, physics, chemistry, biology, geometry and even more.  As I have been teaching the crochet and knitting classes over the past weeks, these topics have come up as related to knitting and I think it’s really fascinating to see how Cat Bordhi synthesizes what many of us hybrid math-history-art thinkers know in our hearts – knitting can be so much more than just a hobby.  I’m definitely going to be exploring the reading lists and recommended projects for myself and Lil One.  I recommend giving it a read if you have kids or work with them – it could be a fun new way to “teach” all kinds of things!

Of course, I’m also enjoying knitting my Wombat Tunic using my Sundara Yarn in Arabian Nights which I have been waiting to use for a couple of months now.  So soft, and the purple-brown palette is just so mysterious and cozy all at once.  I can’t wait to see how the geometry unfolds on the pattern!

Happy knitting and reading out there!  Enjoy the fall weather – I know we will!