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Wow.  What a crazy couple of weeks!  We’re ok, and it seems the entire extended family made it through with their health and sanity.  Only our Long Island family is struggling as of this posting.  We lost our “Shady Tree” along with another large Sugar Maple to Sandy storm damage.  I will miss them, and the wonderful shade they provided for so many pictures and family gatherings over the years.  So, we were lucky.  I am grateful that nothing extreme happened, and I got some bonus time with the whole family snug in the house on account of four days of school cancellations.  Always looking for that silver lining!

Then, we got slammed again.  Nor’easter and no school.  I was stunned.  Thankfully our tree threat was removed Tuesday so we didn’t have to fear for our home during this storm.  As always, the snow was beautiful, and somehow calming.  It also melted away quickly in our new sunny backyard.  My Lil One has been very patient through all this.  We’ve had to post-pone Halloween not once, but twice on account of these storms.  We celebrated a little in our own way, and “pretend trick or treated” indoors last week.  Her tears dried right up when assured her there would not be “pretend” candy.  I did manage to get a couple of pictures, but really the camera has been quite inactive through all this.

As you can see, we did pull off a wee little pumpkin, and I displayed all of Lil One’s pre-k art projects to celebrate her work for the holiday.  She tossed aside all of her official Halloween gear in favor of a tried and true princess gown to preside over the dinner table that night.

So, as for knitting, I feel like I have had a storm clound over my knitting these past weeks too.  My WIPs have expanded to a total of three projects, all of which got stuck in some way.

1.  My chevron tank top can’t be blocked on account of my studio being re-organized.  It’s coming along, but the storm and overall vibe of confusion lately has not made for great progress on that.  So it sits, in a bag, waiting.

2.  My Lil Red Mittens, which I made into gloves (rip, rebuild) were then made into fingerless gloves (rip, rebuild) requiring a fair amount of my limited patience to pull out all the finger tips to make them fingerless.  Somehow the “place for all my fingers” request upon seeing the mittens in progress did not register as “fingerless” to me.  “Noooooo.  I want my fingers to stick out Moooom.  Pleeeze.”  Really?!?!  Then the size seemed off (rip, rebuild) so I patiently took out the whole hand and made it smaller. Now for the second one.  The Cashmerino is holding up great!

3.  My Wombat Tunic sweater, which was working up so quickly and perfectly, is in time out because I RAN OUT OF YARN!  I am super cranky about this. I should have had had nearly 250 yards extra, but I came up nearly three inches short.  I can’t decide if it’s the pattern information, or the yarn label that’s at fault.  I tried to finish it off, but somehow it just seems wrong.  Hmmmm.

So now comes the decision – Set aside all the WIP until good karma returns, or keep on truckin’ to see if I can’t get at least something finished soon?  Perhaps it will all seem a little better after a little centering mother-daughter manicure and a cup of hot cocoa.  Have a safe and healthy week everyone!  I’ll see you

back here next time for some actual FO, design, and yarn adventures!