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I finally got to sifting through the many photos taken over Christmas, and I want to share with y’all the knitting related fun that happened around Christmas.  First of all, I was overjoyed to see my Sister wearing her “Sorella Robina” sweater I’d made her, and looking so beautiful.


Not only was it nice to see something I’d made worn, but something I had designed with her in mind.  I was also thrilled that it fit.  Grading a pattern is one of my toughest challenges.  When I design for myself, it’s no big deal – I know my shape and stats by heart, and I don’t mind trying it on every inch of the way!  Well, my Sister lives far enough away that I was really going on standards and some measurements I took.  I am so happy that I was really able to accomplish this strictly by the numbers.


She styled the whole outfit really beautifully too, I think.  I loved the skirt and sparkly jewelry, and of course the flowing red hair just sings with that leaf green color. This was on of those holiday gifts that was a feeling, rather than a thing.  Love you, Sis!

I did a very minimal amount of actual gift knitting this year.  Two little bits actually.  They technically complete the 2012 year in knitting.  The first was a gift card holder that I made from the “Card-igan” pattern.  It was a cute way to dress up a gift card, and pretty easy to follow.  I think I ended up converting it to a JMCO and working in the round, but the pattern is a good little gem to keep on hand for last minute gigs.


Then, I did a few ornaments for the teachers and Lil One (because she had to have a purple star too – eye roll).  This was a clever little pattern.  The way the star points kind of zig-zag is really nice.  I think I accidentally modified it a bit because I was chatting with my KNH Stitch ‘n’ Bitch gang at the time, but it came out looking right, so I didn’t worry.  Here is Lil One’s star on the tree.


The last little Holiday surprise in my knitting world was receiving a package of Sundara Aran Merino in the Arabian Nights colorway that a very generous raveler sent to me right before Christmas.  Knitters and ravelry are awesome!  Sundara actually sent me a skein at the exact same time, (she is also awesome) so I ended up being able to not only finish my Wombat Tunic sweater, but I even added short sleeves.  That FO will be shared really soon!