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Hello again.  I know.  What happened to all those posts on the show, and patterns and new ideas, and… well, designing?  As I celebrated my Spring Trunk show coming together, I also began working more hours both at the store and at home on the actual designing and knitting.  It has caused what I would consider a paradigm shift.  The rules of what we have grown to expect and rely on have changed.  I can’t say it is bad or good, just a change that we all have to get used to.  For me, it has meant experiencing for the first time since Lil One was born, being away from my family to work.  I love being more involved in the “knit scene” and getting a little bit of the social side of myself in gear again, but I do miss the ease of being strictly at home and being able to act a little more impulsively.  Hmmm…. I think I’ll go write a little something for the blog now.  You catch my drift, no?

Yup, that’s what it is. I feel strangely disorganized in my new more regimented schedules.  My creative side is always chugging along, but sometimes the hours and opportunities do not materialize to make it all happen fast enough and share it with everyone.  Somehow the flow of how things happen has gotten knocked out of whack.  So, I apologize for the delay, but I promise I will find my footing again and hopefully blog more things than ever down the road.  For now, bear with me, and let me catch up on a few things.


The trunk show was fun, and I think, successful.  I extend my gratitude to Knit New Haven for hosting it, and to all who attended and encouraged me.  It was so rewarding to see all of the designs properly styled and displayed, and for the first time I felt I could see the Guistinello Design “look” emerging.  As I considered what it is that tied the items together, it struck me that it was a balance of delicate detail and elegance that communicate both femininity and confidence all at once.  Curiously this is a core idea of feminism I’ve always held – being a strong woman means embracing feminine traits and building on our inherent strengths, not trying to pretend we’re men!  I couldn’t be happier to see my inner beliefs start to emerge as a point of view in my designs.  I don’t consciously design to tell a story, but I find as an artist, the simple act of creation somehow eventually communicates the thoughts of the artist anyway.  Here are a few of the mannequins with some new patterns and new samples in the shop:


The centerpiece of the designs was of course the newly released “Sorella Robina“, and appropriately in the center of the photo.  On the left, a new rendition of my old favorite “Scarlet Sparkler” done up in a fresh new pale green with sparkling turquoise beads.  Lastly, on the right, is version three of a new free crochet pattern aptly dubbed “3 Half Double Mobius“, which gives all the details for the variations I’ve been developing for this form over the past few months. All of the details for yarn, sizes and pattern details are on my Designer Page on Ravelry.

I also have to send out a special thank you to my testers who helped refine and polish the patterns as well as producing beautiful samples of their own.  “Amandapalmtree” tested and made this lovely long sleeve version of the Sorella Robina:


And “nutmegknitter” did a great job putting “Miss Adler’s Cowl” through its paces and created this lovely spring version:


As I move ahead, there’s actually a lot more crochet happening, and I hope to share all of that with you very soon.  I have about 8 WIP going right now, and an equal number of FO to get photos of as well… Oh my!  One step at a time, right?

Right now, I’m headed outside to enjoy the warm spring weather and work on my second favorite thing – the garden.