Designer Biography:

Crystal Guisitnello, Hand Knitwear Designer

I have loved yarn and making things since my Grandma sat me down as a small girl and taught me how to knit.  My very first “design” was a little white sweater vest for my dolly.  Growing up I learned practically every needle art and textile craft I could, making everything from crewel work embroidery pictures, to weaving rugs on an antique barn loom at my high school.  I was absolutely smitten with designing and making beautiful things from all kinds yarn and fabric.  Weaving became my main medium for several years and at the same time, I rounded out my textile knowledge with Art History and Design studies at Wellesley college.  I was also fortunate enough to work summers at the American Textile History Museum’s Restoration Laboratory helping restore and preserve historical textiles from 15th C tapestries to 18th C waistcoats.

All through the years, knitting has been my meditation, even when working as a graphic design consultant for software and web design, or as the operations and marketing manager for several companies.  After my textile and career “walkabout”, I have finally come home to settle in to a career as a hand knitwear designer.  I had always wanted my art to become my work, and as a Wife and new Mom, priorities got focused – and so did my desire to design my own knits and take that leap of faith.  Designing sweaters and dresses for my daughter gave me just the push I needed to really jump into knitwear design, and since 2010 I’ve been bringing my ideas to life with needles and yarn for my new company, Guistinello Design.  I know now, this is where I belong – creating, designing, and knitting as much as possible every day.

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