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I’m sure I’m not alone when I say – where do little ones get all that energy!?!?  It’s spring finally, and my Lil One never stops moving (or talking) it seems!  I went outside to grab a few pics of my latest FO on her, and it seems like the phrase “action shot” applies to nearly every one!


She is wearing a shop sample I made for Knit New Haven in a new favorite yarn – Spud & Chloe “Sweater”.  The design is from Kirsten Kapur, and it’s called “Turtle Pond“.  Of course, I couldn’t resist the little duck buttons we had in the shop, so this one is named the “Duckie Pond Cardigan“. It was easy knitting, and pretty easy to follow the pattern.  I did change the sleeves from working in the round to working flat.  I cast on 2 extra sts. for the seam, then seamed them up (and effectively removed the 2 extra sts.) before setting aside the underarm sts. and joining to work the yoke section.  I’m not sure if it was totally necessary as the sleeve “jog” wouldn’t be very visible, but it was good for me to do the mental gymnastics.  The seams came out very neat, so it made me happy to know that if they did show, they’d look fabulous.  Good practice.

Even though it’s still a little big for her, she put on her favorite fairy princess layers, and away she went!


I did manage to get her to alight on a bench for a moment, and the forsythia provided a lovely spring backdrop for us.


In moments she was off again.  I wish I could bottle that up!  If you’re thinking about making this pattern for your little energizer toddler, keep in mind that it’s designed for the long and thin toddler, which was ok for Lil One.  She’s a size 4T, with a 20″ chest, and the sweater is the size 6.  If I were to start again, I might shorten the sleeves just a touch for the body size.  I think when the sleeves really fit it might be too small around.  If she weren’t wearing a shirt to kind of stick the sleeves to, you wouldn’t be able to see her hands!  All in all, a fun project.

Happy Spring!!