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Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there!  I’ve been so busy being a Mom that I haven’t spent much time here at my ‘puter of late.  In addition to mothering my two lovely children, my doggie kids have needed a little extra love lately too.  Everyone is healthy and happy now, I’m glad to report.  We’re navigating the hoppin’ busy spring season with enthusiasm – from Easter through several birthdays, school events, and culminating with a Dance recital.  Life is crazy in a good way.  Here are a few moments that keep me going as a Mom.

WinderShe may be small but she loves to help!

DancePracticeShe has boundless energy, passion and enthusiasm to dance…

RockOn… and rock ‘n’ roll any ol’ time. (And she can create chaos in my living room in 20 minutes or less.)

DaddyHugsShe loves her Daddy as much as I do.  They went to the Father-Daughter Dance together recently and she had a blast.

DanceReadyAnd that sparkle in her eye makes me smile no matter how crazy things get.  She even makes her grumpy big brother smile now and again.  (Though capturing him on camera apparently is like getting a good photo of Big Foot.)

GrandmaShe adores both Grandma (My Mom) and…

MGnLilNonna (My MIL).  Grandmothers are a wonderful thing!  They are both lovely, affectionate ladies who have so much to share.

I am so thankful to my Mom for giving me a great upbringing, and so much love, that I can now turn around and share with my Lil One and Big Bro.  I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful family.

Again – Happy Mother’s Day!