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Happy New Year!  I don’t know where the last few months went, but they sure went fast.  I begin this New Year with many resolutions in mind, one of which is to get back to blogging. I’m eager to share new stories of knitting and all things creative.  So, as my first new story of 2014, let me share something special that happened in the past few months: Lil One is now officially a knitter.


For whatever reason, on Thanksgiving Day, after the hustle and bustle of our family celebration, she decided it was the right time to knit.  I have never pushed her to knit, but she has decided now and then to try it out.  That day, after casting on a few stitches, I sat down to help her by supporting the needles a bit and coaxing her along as I had in the past, but she said “No, Mommy.  I want to knit all by myself.”  She literally pushed me away with a “talk to the hand” gesture.  Then she took up the needles and yarn and started the chant, “In through the front door…”  She struggled a bit to figure out how to keep the needles and yarn under control, but to my surprise, in no time at all, she was indeed knitting all by herself.  At just four and a half, she was sitting quietly (which is perhaps the best part of this story) knitting carefully but fluidly on her very first scarf.  She seemed in that moment like a miniature of my Grandma.  She sat neatly arranged, with her straight metal needles clicking, concentrating so hard and making faces just like I remembered my Grandma making when she was hard at work knitting.  One day, when I’m a Grandma, I can just hear me telling her little ones, “Your Mother knew how to knit before she could read!”  I guess it’s genetic! 🙂