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Last Friday I got a chance to visit WEBS “America’s Yarn Store” in Northampton, MA with my Sister and Mom.  They had given me a gift certificate last Christmas with a promise to shop and do lunch in “NoHo”.  We finally got our busy schedules together and met at the store.  It was a blast!  It was a nice break and I got to reconnect with my Sister who’s busy with her own crazy creative life and I don’t get to see too often.  Shopping was heaven, and the food we got at the local restaurant, Sylvester’s, was incredible.  Mom took pics of us…

…and as usual we could only keep a straight face for so long before we started giggling:

We were both wearing our shawls that I knit up in seacell-silk, and I think it was kinda neat to see them together.  They are both Emily Ross designs, “Romanesque” and “Haruni“, and my first two knit shawls ever.  I think I might have to do some more “sister” knits.  Hmmm…

The store is fantastic, enormous and full of every kind of gorgeous yarn you could dream up.  I was in love with the racks of colorful yarn and swooning over the buttons!

The big hits for this trip were: Ella Rae “Bamboo Silk” in Pumpkin, Berroco “Mica” in Green Turbo, Valley Yarns “Goshen” in Green Apple, Valley Yarns “Southwick” in Lake, Cascade “Ultra Pima” in just about every blue and green they had, and any kind of Madelinetosh yarn in Jade or their new Filigree colorway.  By the end of the shopping day I concluded we were all were craving Spring.  That lovely fresh shade of green kept turning up in the patterns and yarns we were drawn to.

My sister loved the green shawl, “Blue Point Stole“, they had on display, and I promised I’d make one for her.  I loved the “Austin Hoodie” in Madelinetosh Merino Light (Jade). 

The actual shopping went well, and with my generous gift, I scored a beautiful new tote bag, 7 skeins of Berroco “Vintage” for a “Mommy Rock ‘n’ Rollneck” (I’m jealous of my daughter’s Baby Rock ‘n’ Rollneck), two sparkly balls of Rozetti “Polaris” in Leonids for a copycat of nutmegknitter’s Matchgirl gloves, and one adorable crochet turtle tape measure.  Fun, fun, fun!!

Mom and Sis – You Rock!  Thank you 🙂